Nullify Crypto Night

Challenge 1

GurXrlvf e0g_gU1eGr3a_v5_AbG_N_Qe10q

Challenge 2

We've intercepted some ciphertext from C3PO! We found the numbers 3 and 4 as well. Can you decrypt the ciphertext for us?

D2N2! Yum irus hqjjqd jzer ju jdmgj e gjderwq kuoxmjqd! Jzq xeggsudn cg edjuu kumln hdmjq tudkq jzcg

Challenge 3

More frequent characters, there are. Yes, hmmm.
Challenge can be found Here

Challenge 4

I found a flash drive! When plugged in the name of the drive is "quotes." When Looking at the data on the drive there is a bunch of .txt files that all seem to be encrypted. Can you find out what this one says?


Challenge 5

Challenge can be found Here